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Our story

The establishment of the legal predecessor of Globomax Zrt. can be linked to the regime change, an important milestone in the history of Hungarian self-governance. The democratically elected municipality were seeking information technology answers to the problems faced by them relating to organisation, operation, decision preparation. This need gave birth to the company itself.

From the beginnings to this date, the owners of the fully Hungarian-owned company are workers, as well as private individuals having a direct working relationship with the company.

The first, still brand-leading product of Globomax is MikroVoks, specifically developed for the municipality of local governments. During the preparation of the system, the software and the hardware were developed in parallel, which is a technical peculiarity.

The need to involve the public created MikroKam, a robot camera solution to broadcast the meetings of city council, as well as the Local Government TV media server supporting the former.

The MikroVoks system ensures the transparency of local governmental decision-making in more than 250 settlements in Hungary, in 6 settlements in Romania and 17 settlements in Serbia.

Since its establishment, the company has been developing dynamically; it has been awarded with the Hungarian Product Grand Prize several times in the upper chamber of the Parliament. Globomax has become dominant in its own market segment in Hungary; thus, in the field of local governmental general assembly systems, it has earned a market share of more than 98%.

What is Creation exactly?

It is a voting and conference machine developed by our engineers to solve real problems – a machine that you can tailor-make to your own needs!

Our mission


Zoltán Szabó

I managed the full development process. I provided assistance in specific developments for the full latency audio and video solutions.

Vígh Balázs-Creation rólunk

Balázs Vígh

I received complex tasks: the electronic design of the hardware, development of low latency audio and video modes, preparation and verification of microcontroller-based software.

Hory Péter - Creation rólunk

Péter Hory

I prepared the internal microcontroller software of the counter, and I prepared the pieces of ancillary software and PC programs, which download certain information to the creation counter. Preparation of the GUI set of tools

Creation-rólunk Amberger Árpád

Árpád Amberger

I was in charge of the professional, financial management of the project, I monitored the entire project, and I actively participated in solving the problems that arose.

Papp Zsolt - Creation rólunk

Zsolt Papp

My tasks included the preparation of circuit board designs, counter modelling, preparation, and testing of 3D modelling printing samples. I carried out the actual electronic, mechanical construction of the prototype.

Bálint Zoltán - Rólunk Creation

Zoltán Bálint

My tasks included the development of the experience of sound localisation (HAAS effect), as well as optical measurement and determination.


Gábor Simor

I was in charge of the practical software implementation of optical distance measurement. The preparation of the PC program, which defined the distance between the counters by optical means.


László Szabados

I carried out the project’s administration tasks: licenses, accounting, professional reports. I also participated in the development work, as well as in the development and testing of the HAAS effect.


Péter Lelkes

I was responsible for developing the design of the counters. In the course of the designing process, we progressed from the development of the outlines through the preparation of the final plans to the preparation of the 3D forms.


György Müller

After the selection of the material of the counter, taking into consideration the individual manufacturing experiences, I prepared the finished counter by using a CNC program from the extruded aluminium box body.

Creation configuration

The appearance of the conference machine, as well as the software, can be made entirely unique. In terms of appearance, you can choose freely from several variants, which all share the characteristic of being extremely durable, still aesthetically nice and sophisticated.

What does Creation mean to me?

Over the past 25 years, I have regarded each of the new products of Globomax as a newborn child in the family. It can be seen already from the shape of the recently born Creation that it looks as if it had been born in a different family: the technical and technological solutions also show significant novelties. I hope that Creation can be brought up together with creative users open to that, thus enriching our common child with unique ideas and individual characteristics.
Árpád Amberger
Chief Executive Officer
To me, Creation has meant several years of research and development. This is a world-class product, and I am proud of having had the chance to be involved in its creation. It, however, also means an opportunity: on the one hand, to support a new user segment, and on the other hand for our prospective partners to create systems which nobody even thinks of right now. To me, Creation means a new approach, the creation of new ideas.
Zoltán Szabó
Head of Development

What to expect...

...if you are interested in our product “Creation” and subscribe to our newsletter?

We will inform you of the developments, solutions, we will send you our programming aid, and we provide you with a 30-minute online consultation free of charge.

...if you would like to request an offer?

After you have compiled your counter configuration, set the number of pieces you intend to purchase, provided your data, we will send you an official offer within 1 business day by e-mail on the price of the product, the delivery deadline, and the payment schemes. If you indicate your need for clarification in your request for offer, we will provide you with a 30-minute free-of-charge online consultation to clarify your request for offer.

...if you would like to order the product?

The official Supply Contract document forms an annex to our offer. After the contract has been duly signed and sent back to us, our service process starts: we issue a proforma invoice on 30% of the product’s value and after the receipt of the amount, the preparations for delivery (basic products) or the manufacturing (individual products) start. After the completion of the products, we send a proforma invoice on the outstanding 70%. Within 2 business days after the sum has been received, we issue the final invoice, which will be delivered together with the product.

...if you would like to use Creation with non-own-developed software?

We can immediately provide you with the MikroVoks voting, conference, protocol-making software; we can even modify it where necessary, but we can also agree on the development of a new piece of software.