What is Creation for and how does it work?

The motto of our company, Globomax has remained the same for almost three decades: “We develop together with our clients!”

With this in mind, we’ve taken this principle to an even higher level during the development of our latest product, Creation, by incorporating our partners’ wishes into the design of the main hardware.

Making things easier with a conference system

What aspects have been taken into account?

  • Ensuring paperless meetings and conferences
  • Building wireless devices
  • Voting devices should match the style of the furniture
  • Conference tools should also be able to display videos and presentations

Besides fulfilling wishes, we went further in development. Our partners are given the opportunity to design the colour of the tools, the pattern of the wood inlays, moreover by providing open source code and programming tools, our users can also design the functionality of the tools.

What features does the Creation wireless conferencing system have?

  • Thanks to the high-resolution display, even the smallest letters are clearly legible, so there is no need for paper documents.
  • The full HD IPS panel delivers beautiful, vivid, detailed colours thanks to the high-resolution display with brilliant colours and a wide viewing angle.
  • The wireless control unit’s battery provides half a day’s operation, even with the display on all the time without conference participants having to fumble around with cable harnesses.
  • Thanks to our special electro-acoustic solution, the sound coming from the control unit has the effect as if it’s coming from the direction of the speaker.
  • The functions ensuring the operation of the management unit are public and can be freely changed, ensuring the development of unique functionality.
  • The renewed design reflects the product’s new vision and mission. The customer or the designer can choose the right colour scheme for the fixture freely to perfectly match the design of the room. They can even turn an IT device into furniture – even in the hall of a building which is part of historic preservation.

That is why the Creation conference system will be the answer

Along the range of options, everyone can find the one that best suits their needs. We are proud of the fact that the message of Creation becomes reality: “Tailor it to your needs!”

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