What will our partners gain by purchasing Creation?

Envisioning and developing Creation has opened up a brand new chapter in the
decades-long history of Globomax. But while on the subject of development: we
only ever perform development itself to a certain degree.

Better yet, something genuinely innovative begins from this point onwards.

A Creation device is something brand new: a product that is actually much more
than just a mere product.

This is what our partners will gain by purchasing Creation


In particular, the freedom to develop the operating software and shape the design of the device.

Beyond the conference software freely provided with the device, the open source and the programming assistance will provide users with the opportunity to develop a software of their own, which can satisfy their specific needs and provide solutions for their problems.

Of course, we are also prepared to develop a software to our partners’ specifications, if needed.

While assembling the exterior elements of the Creation device, the imagination of the customer is the only limit: 7” or 10” display? Wired or wireless version? What should be the base color of the Creation counter? How should the inlay of the side
element fit with the conference room furniture?

All this can be determined by the prospective customer and freely tailored to their needs.

Live technical support

In accordance with our company motto: “Globomax develops alongside its partners!” – we would like to provide assistance at every major step of the sales process.

We do not wish to market Creation as just a faceless commodity, but instead create a unique, premium product, in cooperation with our partners.

After the offer has been sent, we will provide a free thirty minute online consultation for our registered partners, once they have placed the order. Our experts will respond to any arising questions and provide advice on issues pertaining to software development, systems installation and color schemes.

Experience design via the Creation configurator

You can use the Creation configurator on our website to create and view the product you wish to order, as well as employ the help of our expert in particular cases.

As such, you can experience the feeling of creation in a way like never before.

Moreover, you may also receive assistance in doing so, if needed.

Have you envisioned something, but are not quite sure about the specifics? Are you looking for a solution, but cannot yet visualize every step? Using Creation, you are free to create, think and take flight – as in this case, the end result depends only on your imagination.

What are your plans? Contact us and let us realize them together!