Why Globomax? - As we have developed

It has not just started. We now have many years of experience and development.

Where did Globomax start from?

The professional team that founded Globomax Elektronikai Kft. has been working on the development and production of the first generation MikroVoks electronic vote counting system since 1991. Back then it was part of another company, Mikromatika group. 

At the end of 1995, we founded an independent company with the specific aim of developing and producing IT systems to serve and support decision-making processes of local governments – by developing voting systems for local governments. That is how Globomax Elektronikai Kft. was born in 1995. As the company developed and grew, in 2011 it was ready to become a private limited company by a capital increase and transformation. Globomax Zrt. operates with several subsidiaries, of which the domestic GLX Média Kft. provides the streaming service and the foreign companies Globomax SER d.o.o. and Globomax s.r.l. support the export activities of the parent company.

What did the development of the polling stations - and our company - look like?

1,  In 1991, we had started with a wireless voting system, which in its first year laid the foundations for the success of MikroVoks over the decades.

2,  However, it soon became clear that in heated political debates, data security above all else on the wired system was essential. So, in 1992 we developed our voting and conference units with different microphone solutions.

3,  In 1997, the development of the third generation of the representative unit led to a more user-friendly, more transparent and ergonomic push-button layout. This series also came in a box the size of a TV remote control. The biggest advantage of this family is its excellent value for money and high durability. Those local governments with low budget are still keen to buy such systems.

4,  In 2002, a significantly heavier, stable and spectacular desktop version was introduced. This unit also has maintained a stable market position for the second decade, satisfying almost every need in terms of both functionality and reliability.

5,  Our most recent developments are representative units with touchscreen, the smallest of which 5″ in size, was introduced in 2017. Thanks to its built-in broadband speaker, no separate room sound system is needed. The LCD display allows for greater interactivity and a wider range of voting options (e.g. different list votes)

What we are working on

In 2021, two larger representative units with 7″ and 10″ displays, which can display not only documents but also videos, were introduced. In addition, these units include our latest acoustic development, the HAAS-effect with a modelling complex algorithm.

This is our story. Today, we work together with our partners to provide them with the best possible solution.