5 reasons why you should develop applications for Creation system

In order to help you make the best possible decision, we’ve collected our most important arguments in favour of our product because we would like you to make the best decision.

So why should you choose Creation?

1,  Our first and most important argument is that besides Creation you also get one of the most advanced conferencing system hardware on the market today. Creation device combines performance with unique design. Your work is destined for success with the support of a well-designed, high-performance system.

2, The quad-core processor, Full HD touchscreen, two display sizes (7″, 10″), high quality microphone and speaker, wireless battery-powered version, give you the freedom to let your imagination run free from hardware obstacles and to materialise your audiovisual concepts. Your ideas should not be limited to the delegate unit of a conferencing system, you can implement any IP-based audiovisual communication system with the hardware.

3, It makes absolutely no difference on which hardware platform, on which operating system, or with which programming language you want to create applications for the hardware. The available network protocol allows you to communicate with the hardware. It also allows you to create touch-sensitive buttons, windows of any size, textboxes, videoboxes on the Full HD screen of the hardware. You can also display texts, documents, pictures, videos or live videos on the screen. You will also be able to switch on the microphone and speaker at the appropriate time and adjust their sound to the desired level and tone.

4, With this hardware you get more unique services – which will also be included in the app you develop. For example, the unique acoustic solution that provides directional hearing for the audience in any room layout, from any seat. Uniquely, the acoustic directional characteristics of the hardware can be adjusted over a wide range for the optimal, radiation-free sound reproduction. You get hardware with low audio and video latency that provides lip sync even when operating in the room.

5, And to top it all, you get a free SDK, which contains, in addition to a detailed protocol description, sample programs, utilities which makes the usage easier, such as a program to help you edit the hardware screen, a download program to help you display documents on the hardware, and a program to help you set the acoustics of the system.
We provide you with all the tools you need to efficiently develop applications on Creation hardware.

So the aim is to find the best possible solution. Which is Creation device, offered by Globomax.