Tips and ideas on the possible applications of Creation

Just how many areas of use could an exceptional product have, when its finalized form and possible areas of application are limited only by the imagination?

This is a very exciting question. Which is why as part of a pilot program, we first asked university students to consider the potential applications of Creation.

Here we have the Creation device and an open source software – as well as the aforementioned imagination, of course. Our initial suggestion was a conference device, but we also considered it as an online voting system, as well as interpreter system.

Let us see what ideas were conceived about the possible applications of Creation! How many applications can it have?

Logistics systems.

During production and transportation, Creation products can be used to implement IT services supporting a logistics system, wherein material requisitioning, monitoring of material handling, and storage during delivery can be made possible via simplified interfaces.

The logics system runs in background within a server environment, the material requisitions can be achieved through the interface of the device or verbally, furthermore, the dispatcher service can also be included in the system, via the back and forth voice communication.

Using the system can make it possible to retrieve exact information on stock, as well as create statistics without having to manually input databases.

Room automation control

The simplified interfaces make it possible to implement controls and automatics, which can assist the user in achieving various objectives by providing control over the equipment of auditoriums and function rooms in a predefined manner.

For instance, it would make the auditorium suitable for presentations with just the press of a button, by closing the curtains, turning the lights off, turning the projectors on and adjusting the sound systems to the proper setting.

Pressing another button would restore the original conditions. All this could be made possible from a remote location, allowing the operator to preview the operation of the on-site automatics.

At the same time, these units could also assist in conducting a conference and display presentations as well.

Digital language learning

This is an aid meant for language schools and its application would make it easier to prepare for language exams and tests.

The instructor can choose from multiple types of tasks from their computer, and use those to practice or check the appropriateness of foreign words and their native versions in a quiz-like manner.

The system will keep track of the available time and evaluate the received results. These practices can also be set up in spoken word via the microphone and the speakers, furthermore, command of language can also be ascertained in a documented manner.

What do you think: is there a limit? What other ideas can be made possible using the Creation system?

We at Globomax are looking forward to the period ahead!

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